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Consultation Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Once payment is made, it is believed that you have read and understood our terms, and payment makes it legally binding.


A sum of ₦50,000 would be paid upfront which is deducted from your overall cost if you decide to move forward with building a website with us.

This amount is to be paid in full. It is non-refundable and expires after 3 months. This means that after the consultation if you would like to build a website with us, you have 3 months to gather all resources required. After 3 months, we would no longer deduct the ₦50,000 from your web design project. You would have to pay the full amount for the job.

This service lasts for 7 working days from date of payment. You can call or send an e-mail to ask questions and get more clarity on what is needed.


At the end of our meeting, the following should be achieved:

  • If you need a website
  • Resource materials to organize your data
  • Links to all the places to sign up for the website
  • Tips for business and website growth
  • Help and guide to know the steps to take, people to hire (if needed) and knowledge to acquire for a successful website launch.


All the resources that would be needed for your website to be completed would be sent to you after our meeting. Please note that all items must be completed and available before the website project can commence.


Please note that this payment is for consultation alone and would help to guide you on what you need to launch a successful website. Any item or service that needs to be purchased is not included in this budget and is considered out of scope. A separate invoice would be sent to cover any other service.


As there are no refunds, once the money is paid, the meeting cannot be canceled. You would have to forfeit the amount paid. We advise that you make a permanent decision before booking a consultation with us.


Bave Design Studio acknowledges its responsibility, both during the consultation and after, to use all reasonable efforts to preserve the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information or data developed by Bave Design Studio on your behalf or disclosed by You to Bave Design Studio.