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These are testimonies of people that have done the fast since January 2022. I pray this would also inspire you to start your own Daniel Fast journey and see the amazing things God has in store for those who come into his presence.


I was officially done with the fasting on the 22nd of march, I used the word official because this kind of fast should be a lifestyle,  But the Lord has been so good, I don’t even know where to start from, let start from this one, during the fast I came in contact with a video made by man that runs a digital agency overseas, he has been working with big brands and companies, I was impressed to chat  him up, guess what, he gave me the link to all his materials and tools for SEO Work in google docs, all his life time working experience are there in folders, I am just like this is not normal, I am not his heir, nor relation, that means the hand that He that turneth the heart of the kings whithersoever He will was at work on my behalf. Secondly my site had issues that I could not solve nor the hosting company, I was asked to upgrade  to a vps server which is 10 times more expensive than normal web hosting package, the way it solved still amazes me till date, some take care of thing, and even host my site free, what is the cost? don’t bother about it was the reply, these are just a tip of the many testimonies, there many other personal ones I will not want to bother you with, the greatest of them all still remains the broken relationship with God that has been fixed, when with joy you can call God my Father with the assurance of having personal God and father who cares.

Ma. you may think that it is just telling someone of the fasting you did, but this work you are doing though you may not know is valuable than most sermons we hear from the pulpit. Once more thanks for being the medium God used, I told my sister about the fast and will still tell more people.


When I started the journey. Spiritually I, was at rock bottom. I was exhausted physically juggling work, my side business, my home and two kids one with special needs. I have a wonderful husband and a supportive family but I felt alone, unseen and unhappy and I just couldn’t figure it out. When Boma approached me I was ready. Honestly I wasn’t sure I will make the 21 days. My cupboard wasn’t prepared in advance. It turns out the Holy spirit has been preparing me in advance. Everytime I would shop. I would pick up some pulse or rye cracker or beans that I wouldn’t normally purchase. My store wasn’t empty, I didn’t struggle to find food. I was at peace, joy came freely.

My vibe with the Holy spirit was different he was and is truly directing my path. I am meant to be here to experience this peace. The scripture that come to mind is Matthew 11:28-29 “come to me all ye that Labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Nothing around me has changed but I have. My approach and onlook is different. I can now brag that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

MARCH 2022 ; During my first fast I asked God to direct me spending and even up till this morning. My spirit won’t let me spend. I will discover I have something similar or the exact thing I want but I forgot. Happened to me again today. God’s  work is never done and even now the fast is over he will continue to manifest.


My testimony is the inner peace that God has given me. My life on the outside is far from perfect because of my past choices, but my inner being is so peaceful and I feel greatly blessed because of the God that lives in me.

I have a better understanding of God and His workings, so, for me, a thing is either right or wrong. I let the Bible be my guide. I am more confident to walk away from people, opportunities, and things no matter how attractive and juicy, if they are not in line with what the Bible teaches me daily. Psalm 84:10. I will rather be a door keeper in the house of God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Only God honors and favors the blameless. I now understand why the devil denied me the privilege of studying my Bible in the past years because he wants me to remain in the dark. Now God has set me free. His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path. I am so thankful and grateful to God for His sufficient grace. Praise God.


Hi everyone, I am so grateful for this fast as it has allowed me gain so much spiritually, physically and financially. I have 3 major testimonies:

Testimony 1: so I stopped breastfeeding since October 2021 and my period did not show after the usuals 6-8 weeks post breastfeeding. It was one of my prayer requests and of course my God restored it before the end of week 1.

Testimony 2: I have been battling high blood pressure for years and years. But during this fast it was the lowest it has ever been and considerably low since then.

Testimony 3: I have been praying for a better job and during this fast the Holy Spirit  directed me on how to tackle the issue and before the end of the fast I got the job.

See ehhh God is sooo good. I also feel much closer to him and I am looking forward to fasting very often now.  I found that he answers prayers in very unusual ways and one thing I prayed and still praying for is for the the spirit of inner hearing and the spirit of discernment to identify the voice of God because the devil too has a voice but God is supreme and will always outrun the devil. Thank you and God Bless.

SISTER K (January 2022)

In December of 2021, I went through an experience that shook to the very core of my being. As an individual, I find it difficult to open up about whatever I am going through. In the midst of the challenge, I cried to God. He answered my prayers by sending Boma who introduced me to the Daniel fast. I started the Daniel fast with a group of amazing people. I think knowing that I was not alone helped me stay committed to the fast. We had a WhatsApp group where we shared our experience, what we were eating, our insights and we prayed together. In the course of the fast I experienced the following:

-My prayers took a dramatic turn. I went from praying because I had to, to looking forward to praying.

-When I read the Bible plans, there was always an insight.

-I also learnt that fasting without praying and meditating on the scriptures was nothing but a diet regime.

-I couldn’t complete a 21 days fast before but I was able to complete this.

-During the fast I got a prompting to go on a 3 day Esther fast with no food or water. God granted me the grace and immediately after the Daniel fast. I went on a 3 day Esther fast which I completed.

On the 2nd day of the Esther fast I got a prompting which reminded me that in the course of praying during the Daniel fast I had blurted without an initial thought that God should deliver me from the spirit of gluttony. There was a confirmation in my heart that I had been delivered.

In the midst of the fast I received clarity about certain aspects of my life. In fact I should say in the course of the fast, my taste buds changed. I never liked fruits I found it difficult to eat fruits. If I bought fruits,  I would end up trashing it after it had gone bad. Surprisingly the first 3 days of the fast all I ate was fruits. After that I started craving for fruits. I had to have fruits every day even if I ate something else. All of a sudden, I just started experiencing  joy from deep within me. Even though I was still going through the aftermath of my December experience that made me cry out to God in the first place.

On one of the days during the fast, I can’t say if I was sleeping or not. All I know was I heard clearly, a voice telling someone that I had lost my dad. I jolted up immediately and started praying, after praying for a while I ended the prayer. In the evening I still felt unsettled so I prayed again. This time around I prayed until I felt a confirmation in my spirit that my prayers had been answered. This was a first for me. Two or three days later, I got a call from my uncle that my dad was in the emergency ward at the hospital. The doctor actually told my uncle that we were very lucky that we could have lost my dad.

The icing on the cake: I have been struggling with weight loss almost all my life. During this fast I wasn’t even thinking about weight loss. I had bigger fishes to fry. But on the last day of the Esther fast, while praying, I had a prompting to go get on the scale. I was a bit reluctant. When I finally did, I was blown away. I had lost a whopping 10kg. 10kg in under a month. It might not mean anything to some people but it means everything to me. Last year, it took me close to four months to loose 10kg which I gained back and some by December. I must say this has been an amazing experience for me. One I wish never to recover from. It is my sincere prayer that from here on, all I will experience is an upward trajectory in my spiritual life. In the mighty name of Jesus. I also want to encourage anyone thinking to do this fast, to just go ahead and do it trusting God to help them. It’s an experience you will never forget. You will also desire that others should experience it. It is really unexplainable. You will just have to experience it yourself.

SISTER M (February 2022)

I plan on doing the fast again in April, it opened doors for me even when I wasn’t consistent. My daughter that was not really talking started making sentences. My placement that they use a month to plan, I didn’t know that they made allowances for me. But I think I should pray more because God works. I am no longer a scary angry mummy. My dear thanks for introducing me to it, it is so different from the normal fast.

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